Gamification Firms Launch CRM Leaderboard for Dynamics Shops

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By Loren Moss

CRMGamified, a Microsoft Gold Partner founded in 2007 with the backing of Uruguayan based UruIT,  has launched a computerized video CRM leaderboard they call “Hurrah!” designed to help sales oriented contact centers keep agents motivated and engaged. Hurrah! Leaderboard is a visual presentation platform which highlights a sales team’s performance and achievements in real-time on a big screen video monitor.  The TV-like interface encourages friendly competition and leverages the desire to win inherent in most sales people to inspire the behaviors required to exceed sales targets.

UruIT's Marcelo Lopez

UruIT’s Marcelo Lopez

“Hurrah! Leaderboard is a web application that consumes data from Dynamics CRM and displays the information to the users using a web browser,” says Alejandro Morales, CRMGamified CEO. “In the sales process of CRMGamified, several clients had asked for a feature to show sales info on a big screen and highlight some outstanding behavior in their sales force. We have developed it and decided to sell it separately and make a brand for this since it is easy to set up and it delivers good value in just a few days.”

Behaviors that can be rewarded via the “Hurrah!” platform:

  • Creating, deleting or updating any CRM’s native entity (e.g. Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, Cases)

  • Creating, deleting or updating any CRM’s custom entity (non-native)

  • Qualify/Disqualify leads/opportunity

  • Winning an opportunity

  • Closing a case

  • Updating particular fields of any form

  • It allows the usage of flows to model other behaviors (using Custom Workflows Activities); for example, receiving a badge for updating four fields of an entity.

While the Hurrah! Product is designed specifically to interface with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, UruIT’s Marcelo Lopez says that if the demand is there, they may consider porting it to interface with other platforms. “Hurrah! Leaderboard benefits an organization’s bottom line by not only helping them increase Dynamics CRM adoption but at the same time exploiting natural motivators such as competition, the need to achieve or even exceed set goals and most of all the desire to win, to get an entire sales team engaged in the activities that lead to sales success,” added Pablo Peralta, Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and CRMGamified Co-founder.

“Hurrah! provides the building blocks (slides, and slideshows), and the managers decide which information to display and how,” says Morales. “In the current version

CRMGamified's Alejandro Morales

CRMGamified’s Alejandro Morales

managers can decide which slides to display, in which order, how much time to display each one, what information to display in each, etc. The system offers different type of slides that can display varied information. Leaderboard slides, for example, allows managers to select what measure to display, in which time frame, for which type of performer: user, team, region, etc.”

Future versions will incorporate advanced features, for example building measures from scratch instead of selecting out of the box measures or measures provided by the implementation team, richer charts, and additional type of slides, among others.